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Why Live in a Park Home?

Park homes are chosen by people of retirement age because they are a cheap way to buy a well maintained home that is private yet well located.

The main benefits are that they are comfortable, affordable and low maintenance while being close to amenities. If you live in a park home and you have problems you can always call on a helping hand from the park wardens who live nearby.

Park homes are usually detached bungalows which are located on plots known as pitches on a private estate.

What are the purchasing laws?

As with all home transactions you should use a solicitor when purchasing a park home however one of the great benefits is that no Stamp Duty Land Tax is payable. Under the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended by the Housing Act 2004, all prospective owners of brand new properties must receive a written agreement from the owner at least 28 days before they complete and move in. This Written Statement is the most important document you will receive and explains the terms of living on the park and your rights in law.

What legal benefits are there?

Park homes are built to comply with British Standard BS3632, which dictates stringent health and safety standards.  Your park home may be eligible for protection under the Goldshield Ten Year Warranty Scheme. Providers like Barton Park Homes even offer a Try Before you Buy scheme.

What are the other benefits?

Although they are called mobile homes, park homes are designed to be lived in permanently with proper insulation and heating to keep you warm and cosy. When you buy one you also have a blank canvas as you can design your own property and there are endless permutations to the layout, number of rooms and bathrooms.

While most park homes are fully furnished there is the choice of having a partially furnished property. There is also flexibility about how you prefer your services to be delivered and paid for such as water, electricity and gas.

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