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Why Blackpool Is Still A Popular Holiday Destination

Known for its Pleasure Beach, amusement arcades and donkey rides, Blackpool is the quintessentially British holiday destination and the town welcomes over 6 million visitors every year.

Blackpool boomed in popularity between 1900-1950, when it became widely affordable to the working man. That popularity has remained strong despite the relatively recent advent of cheap package holidays to Europe.

That is because Blackpool is the closest that Britain has to a Benidorm and it is appealing to a number of different crowds. The three piers of Blackpool represent this with the south pier being boisterous, the north pier being laid back and the middle pier being a bit of both.

While the seaside town of Blackpool makes a hedonistic destination for stag and hen parties to enjoy gambling and nightlife, there are also a number of cultural attractions. Blackpool is spiritual home for ballroom dancing in Britain and has been ever since the days of “I do like to be by the seaside” being piped out of a Wurlitzer organ by Reginald Dixon. Above the door to the famous Blackpool ballroom you will even see an inscription from a William Shakespeare poem, Venus and Adonis.

Furthermore Blackpool is an ideal destination for a British family holiday. On the massive Blackpool Tower alone there are a range of child friendly attractions including an aquarium and a circus. With a total of 11 roller coasters, Blackpool can count itself as the largest funfair in Britain.

Blackpool can be reached easily along the M6 taking the exit for the M55. If you are lucky enough to live in Barton Park Homes in Willow Grove, Preesall, Lancashire then Blackpool is a mere 12 minutes drive south towards the coast – depending on traffic of course!

Alternatively if you prefer public transport then there are plenty of connecting bus and train services. And that is not even to mention the raft of domestic and international flight operators that service Blackpool airport.

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