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Should I Live in a Park Home?

If you are retired and fancy a change of life then you may be considering a park home. Park Homes have the advantage of manageable living in a safe and secure environment. If you are struggling to manage the housework and gardening on your current property then this could be the answer – assisted living with friendly park wardens on hand to help you at all times. But this is a big step and you may still have concerns so here are five things to consider about living in a park home.

1)    Your Investment

The beauty of park homes is that you know where you stand with them because management charges and utilities are set out clearly when you join. However some points that you should clarify before purchasing are whether you can move off the site easily, and what the conditions are for reselling a static caravan. Find out if the owner takes a commission when you resell the property as this could turn it into a depreciating asset. Before making your purchase, consult a solicitor who has experience in  these transactions.

2)    Getting Around

A good park homes site should have ample public transport links. Make sure that yours benefits from a convenient location as much as an attractive location. You may be driving now, but not want to drive in the future, and so an easy bus or rail link could be a vital life line with the outside world.

3)    Catering to your needs

When you buy a park home from [p2p type=”slug” value=”contact-us”]Barton Park[/p2p], it is designed with your future needs in mind with easily accessible bathrooms and ramps on entrances should you need them. Alternatively you have the chance to put your personal stamp on the property by designing your own park home. Before you buy a park home it is vital to read the small print about whether children and animals are allowed.

4)   Insulation

In a properly insulated park home your bills should be on a par with what you are used to paying. Barton Park Homes are fully winterised with double glazing and thick insulation. Not all rivals can claim to have such high standards and many often have issues with condensation caused by LPG appliances. Make sure that your walls have the required thickness according to current British standards. Be sure to check whether the site has mains electricity and gas supplied independently of the owner.

4)    Trust

The key is a good site owner. Trust is a massively important part of taking the plunge to buy. There are bad stories of some owners forcing residents to sell old park homes at a loss because they are a blight on the neighbourhood. When you choose [p2p type=”slug” value=”contact-us”]Barton Park Homes[/p2p] you get a trustworthy family company with a good reputation over many generations.

Once you have considered these practicalities then a park home may well be for you. After all what could be more relaxing than feeling like you are on holiday every day?

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