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Residents can walk into a healthier lifestyle at Willowgrove Park in Lancashire

Willowgrove Homes

Many people experience a significant improvement in their wellbeing when they have settled into a residential park. The combination of a lack of stress, the leisurely pace and living alongside likeminded neighbours can all play a major part, and a lucky few have experienced such a welcome change as Lyn Price.

Willowgrove Leisure Park and Fishery, located close to the Wyre Estuary Country Park and Knott End-on-Sea on the Fylde Coast, is now home to Mrs Price, who was only too keen to confirm why living at Willowgrove has had such a positive impact on her life.

Before moving into her first park home, Lyn Price was struggling with mobility due to arthritis and was finding it difficult to climb stairs. Her traditional bricks and mortar home was becoming “too much of a chore” following knee replacement surgery – and she felt it was taking constant hard work to maintain.

The grounds at Willowgrove Park in Lancashire are mostly flat, which is ideal for residents with mobility problems. So, after downsizing and releasing equity from her home, Mrs Price decided that moving to Willowgrove would provide her with an opportunity to start getting active again. At first, Mrs Price spent time slowly walking up and down her plot, but soon found she was walking longer distances without any pain.

Throughout the summer months, Willowgrove residents have the luxury of free minibus trips to various destinations. Soon enough, Mrs Price was able to climb aboard to visit various places of interest! A recent outing to the Liverpool One shopping centre was a trip down memory lane for Mrs Price and her partner, who both came from the area area prior to moving to Willowgrove.

Another trip, this time to the village of Skipton, was particularly special for Mrs Price, as it marked the first time she would be able to get around without her walking stick.

Twelve months on, Mrs Price “hasn’t looked back since”. Her GP has even commented on her remarkably rapid recovery, and so have her new friends.

The community at Willowgrove is well known for being welcoming and kind: “everyone looks out for each other” commented Mrs Price. “The staff members have been extremely helpful and it’s especially reassuring to know that they are on call 24/7.” Willowgrove can even provide specially adapted homes for residents who require extra help with getting around.

To Mrs Price, living at Willowgrove has been an “absolute dream”. Not only has she managed to improve her medical condition by staying active, she is proud to be an owner of a luxury brand-new home with a picturesque view. She even has the convenience of local shops, including a butchers and bakery within walking distance!

Mrs Price’s brother recently came to visit her and found himself falling for Willlowgrove’s charm – and, like most who visit Willowgrove, he decided there and then that it was time for him to sell up and move there too!

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