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Questions to ask about Park Homes

There are many questions asked by those who want to live in park homes, and some can be answered in the British Holiday & Parks Association Residential Home Parks Directory. This is a handy little book that tells you all the rules and regulations of park homes including on matters of finance and insurance. Other questions are often up to the owner’s discretion. In brief here are some of the main questions that our residents usually like to ask us.

Do I Pay Stamp Duty?

One of the best things about buying a park home is that you don’t have to pay stamp duty. This is a great saving of 1% of the purchase price.

Can I Have Pets?

Animals are allowed at the park home owner’s discretion. Barton Park has homes spread out across the UK and all of the properties have different rules, so contact us to find the property most suited to your requirements, especially if you have pets that you want to bring with you.

Can I Have a Private Garden?

Each park home is surrounded by its own private garden area. You can garden as you wish, and have some discretion as regards putting up fences and sheds, as long as they comply with fire regulations and don’t interfere with other people’s plots.

How Do I Pay My Bills?

Depending on what kind of gas you have, this is either purchased direct from the supplier or onsite. At Glenholt Park there is LPG gas, so gas bottles are purchased from Flo Gas directly or from the office onsite. On the other hand at Orton Grange mains gas is used, so your gas bill is paid directly to your chosen supplier. Your electricity is charged every quarter, calculated via your meter usage. We will send you a bill for the amount which can either be collected by Direct Debit or paid in at the office by cheque.


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