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How to make your park home garden look glorious this autumn!

Autumn Gardening

The arrival of autumn is a natural time to start preparing your garden for winter. It’s a time to tidy, treat, refresh and overhaul your garden – no matter how big or small. So let’s hope for some fresh autumn days in September and October, when you can tackle your outdoor space and plan for next year!

  • Autumn is the best time to re-plant your garden so as your garden start to lose its summer colour, take stock and work out what new plants you’d like as well as which need to be moved, replaced or re-planted. It’s also the best time to plan new features, so start thinking of new ideas in the autumn and head the garden centre to see what’s flowering at this time of the year.
  • Roses will need deadheads removing and will benefit from some gentle pruning to maintain an attractive shape.
  • Don’t forget the birds this autumn and winter. In the cold months ahead, our local wildlife can be exposed to some frighteningly low temperatures, not to mention little food and shelter. But you could make a difference. Put out food and water every day for the birds and consider creating shelter for small animals and insects with the great range of habitats now available.
  • Be careful that early frosts take you by surprise – prepare your garden and plants for winter. Tender plants won’t appreciate being kept out in the cold, so move them somewhere protected from frost and cold winds. Consider using cold frames and heaters to give protection and beat off the worst of the winter weather. Plants that are hardier but still sensitive to winter cold will appreciate a thick mulch of bark and even covering with fleece and bubble wrap in the coldest weather.
  • Don’t throw away your spent bedding plants, kitchen waste and other plant material – turn them into valuable compost for improving your soil and mulching your beds. And fallen tree leaves can be turned into leaf mould – the perfect soil improver and mulch – especially for rhododendrons, azaleas and other woodland plants.
  • For added colour during the cold months, you can’t beat planted containers for brightening up gardens and patios throughout the autumn, winter and spring months – and they also make perfect presents.

Located in Devon, Somerset, Lancashire and Yorkshire, all our parks offer peace, comfort and security in tranquil locations within easy reach of the local towns and public transport. The like-minded residents form friendly retirement communities who appreciate the ease and comfort of living on a retirement park, and all of our properties boast a small, easy-to-manage plot with ample space to put these gardening tips into practice and bring your outdoor space to life!

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