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Why we love Badger Hill… by Mr & Mrs Free

1. When did you first move to Badger Hill and what gave you the idea to look at Park Homes?

We moved to Badger Hill over 5 years ago.  We had previously owned a static caravan, as a holiday home, in both Dumfries and Galloway and then Northumberland and we hoped that we would find the same friendly environment that we had found at both holiday parks.  We also liked the layout of Park Homes as they make the best use of the available space.


2. What made you choose to live in a Park Home location?

Park Homes appealed to us because many of them are in beautiful areas, they often have barrier access to the Park and so are secure and are usually well maintained.  Badger Hill has all these qualities.


3. Where did you move from and was the transition from bricks and mortar to Park Home life a smooth process?

We moved from our old family home in Baildon and we found the transition from old bricks and mortar very easy.  Downsizing from a large family house to an easily maintained park home was quite simple, that is after ditching all the rubbish which you accumulate over the years into a skip!


4. Why did you choose Badger Hill over all other options?

We choose Badger Hill because of its excellent location and the layout of the Park.  We look out over fields so you have the country feel but with the advantage of a lovely town on your doorstep.  It has a good local bus service to Harrogate and good rail links to York and Leeds. You have to consider the public transport because sometime in the future you may not be capable of driving. Not to mention the beautiful riverside walk which is only a couple of minutes walk away.


5. What are the best things about living at Badger Hill?

Living at Badger Hill is so easy.  The park is well maintained; it is within easy reach of public transport and has a great community spirit.  We are close to the railway station and the bus stop is just outside the park entrance.

Badger Hill has won Knaresborough in Bloom, Best Neighbourhood award for the last 4 years.  I think that shows how good the park looks.


6. What would you say the biggest/best surprise has been with Park Home life so far?

It’s surprising how warm and cosy park homes are.  The energy costs are a fraction of what we paid for our previous home.


7. Would you recommend a Park Home to friends and family?

Yes, we would certainly recommend park home living to others.  The community spirit, ease of maintenance and the low energy cost.


8. If you had to choose one aspect what would you say you love most about living at Badger Hill?

It’s very difficult to give only one aspect about life at Badger Hill for all the reasons already stated but it we really have to; then we would say ‘location’.

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