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5 Reasons to live in Knaresborough

Everyone knows that house prices are cheaper up north but this part of England does not always get enough credit for its stunning beauty. With massive infrastructure changes scheduled in for the rail system in England, more and more people will be looking to purchase new homes in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Here are five reasons why the pretty market town of Knaresborough should be top of your list.

1) Transport Links

Just a short distance from Leeds, which is soon to be connected to London via the High Speed Rail link, Knaresborough is a commuter’s dream. York is also only 25 minutes away by train.

2) Scenic Beauty

This picture-perfect Yorkshire town sits statuesquely on the River Nidd and the main landmark is a handsome aqueduct which stretches over the river in languid columns. The river gorge gives Knaresborough fantastic character.

3) Location

Only five miles from Harrogate, Knaresborough has all the charms of a small town and the convenience of a conurbation. Although Knaresborough does get its fair share of tourists in the summer, it is not comparable to how busy riverside towns near London get during high season.

4) Amenities

Residents should not find too many reasons to leave Knaresborough as there are many nice restaurants and trendy shopping boutiques as a result of the recent regeneration.

5) Cheap House Prices

The Times newspaper just ran a feature on the lovely Georgian properties that are available in Knaresborough from £200,000, while our [p2p type=”slug” value=”badger-hill-park-homes-in-yorkshire”]park homes in Yorkshire[/p2p] are on the market for only £175,000. This is a great price for a two-bedroom furnished property in such a scenic part of the country.

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