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3 Reasons to Part Exchange your Home

Making the decision to purchase a park home is quite a departure from normal house hunting and buying. This could be one of the most important decisions of your life and if there is a time when you need to get a move absolutely right this is it. However change should not scare you – if anything the process is much easier.

A part exchange scheme is actually an opportunity to fast track the process without having all the potential pitfalls which can just keep putting you back. One of the biggest problems with buying a house is the machinations of the property chain where each purchaser is reliant on another purchase going through for theirs to be successful.

Imagine then the beauty of a part exchange scheme where there is no chain to consider. Furthermore you get 100% of your house’s value, and the whole purchase can be signed, sealed and delivered in a matter of weeks. All the worry of being responsible for selling your home is lifted like a massive weight from your shoulders.

There is no need for third party mediation and all the fees that are so costly. In a part exchange scheme for park homes all the valuations and estate agents appraisals are taken care of for you. At every step of the process you can be sure that things are done independently as we arrange for two separate valuations of the property to be carried out and also make sure that you agree with the fee that we are getting.

So why find out if you qualify and look into the scheme for yourself? It is free of any troublesome hidden costs and you always have the peace of mind of knowing that you can move whenever you want to.


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