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3 reasons to live in a Park Home

Park homes are becoming an increasingly popular investment option for people of retirement age. They are great value for money and come with a number of guaranteed safeguards and amenities which are not always available when you buy a conventional property. Here are three reasons why we think buying a park home makes financial sense.

Your Haven

Because Barton Park Homes is a family run business we give everything we do a personal touch. All of our properties throughout the UK have a warden onsite who can help you with your day-to-day needs and make sure that you are getting the most out of your property. That includes if you need advice on any problems you are having, to information on transport and the surrounding attractions.


There are so many safeguards in place which make park homes a great investment. For instance the exchange service means we can offer the full market value of your home. Visit our Part Exchange Scheme page for detailed information on how the scheme works. All our homes come under the Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty which gives you a decade of protection. We enjoy a personal relationship with all our clients and any problems are treated as our own. If that was not enough, we even offer a Try Before you Buy scheme!


One of the nicest things about moving into a park home is that you don’t have to worry, they are all brand new and furnished luxuriously. Yet there is still the chance to put your personal touch to your surroundings as we allow you to design your own park homes.

If our show homes are not entirely to your taste, you can work on a new design with the help of our team. When a plot becomes available, you can benefit from our excellent relationships with local suppliers to make your home exactly the way you want it.

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